December 23, 2019



I'm hearing this as ooath rather than blàth


I agree. Throughout the course, i havent heard it pronounced like this before.


Hi I have just listened to it and can't make out any difference with other recordings. It sounds normal to me. There could have been an audio glitch. It seems to match what we have for it elsewhere. We also have 4 soundfiles from two speakers attached to this sentence and they all sound identical to me (aside from the gender of the speakers).


It was only that time that I heard it, and I replayed it several times. But it may have been a download glitch of the audio file. If I hear it again I'll make a note.


Could well be! doesn’t do any harm to check though. :)


This came across to me as "ooagh" (using english language phonetics!). Nothing like any previous sounding of "blàth"!


I had a similar problem with my old phone. It scrambled the first second of every other audio recording on Duo. Maybe you had a similar issue? I now have a new phone and the audio is crystal clear.


I did not hear this as blàth.


I hate to use English phonetics as I am rubbish at them but it should sound similar to blaa with a long rich a sound and an unvoiced ending. That's what I hear in the file. What did you hear?


I hear it as blaa, too.


I hear blaa, too.


I forced myself to hear "ooah" in the female voice recording, even though I'd originally beard "blaa".

I think it probably has something to do with people's perceptions, like the black and blue/white and gold dress, you just have to put your mind to it and force yourself to hear the right thing.

P.S.: I don't actually know if this works for other people, but it does for me.

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