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  5. "Chan eil bean mhath agam."

"Chan eil bean mhath agam."

Translation:I do not have a good wife.

December 23, 2019



The person who says it doesn't mhath slow enough


I found this speaker much more of a challenge to listen to because of the speed at which she spoke and also a different accent than usual. This did prove frustrating at times because it made understanding what was said more difficult, but I also liked the fact that she was talking at a normal conversational speed which is far more realistic and it was really good practice to hear the different accent.


However she literally whispers the last word "agam." I barely heard it when turned up at full volume.


After listening several times, it is hard to hear the agam.

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How would one say "I am not a good wife"?


Impossible to understand, even when you know the correct answer.


This elderly lady's pronunciation is such a barrier to learning. Does she have false teeth? I want to abandon practice every time hear her voice! Not only that, the context is all wrong..what has a "good wife" to do with a topic on animals?


It took me some time, but I've gotten used to her accent

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