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  5. "An toil leat an t-sràid?"

"An toil leat an t-sràid?"

Translation:Do you like the street?

December 23, 2019



She seems to have been set differently for volume. I can hear her clearly if turn up my volume. But does create a small challange. With so many regional variations in any country, I can't imagine trying to settle on one particular pronunciation.

Although it makes things a bit harder, I am beginning to recognize the East & West variations you provide in the individual voices. It will make me better hearer and speaker when I finally visit Alba and the places I long to see.


I am a former child and now an 82 year old grandfather to a 3 year old Scottish grand daughter. Listening to this speaker, I close my eyes and become a child again, listening to a story telling grandmother. How I miss my wee Maisie!


Again that women speaking is hard to hear what she is saying


Please be polite. 'That woman' is a living, breathing native Gaelic speaker who has given of her time and generosity to help create this learning resource for us. At some point the curators of this work have to introduce people who are a bit harder - may as well get used to it now...


Completely agree. With my limited knowledge of Gaelic I understand it to have many dialects, and if we are wanting to hear and comprehend this beautiful language it is best that we hear a broad range of speakers. Including ones that have hard to understand accents.


I get Katy's gist, but i find it a good experience to hear the words and intonations given in a variety of voices. I learned high German at school and when in Germany could barely grasp a word. There is no one right way, so gonnae gie that braw wee wumman a brek!


I don't think you're being impolite, just stating that it's difficult for you. Some voices can be more difficult to make out than others but they are real! and excellent practice. It's interesting (to me at least) to hear dialect shifts (e.g. the 's' of 'sraid' disappearing after the a'. As I'm learning Gaelic to be able to understand at least a little of what real people say in Na h-Eileanan Siar when I visit, I'm glad of the variety of speakers here. Courses where one only hears words specially pronounced for learners, you don't learn as much.


I struggle with the correct pronounciation of "an t-sràid" Can anyone offer any tips on how to say this properly? Thanks!

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