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Thank you! And request/Suggestions additional units

First, thank you to all who made this course possible. I've learned a lot. It's such a good course that I want to continue on learning Latin...

Searching out how best to continue on, many passionate self taught Latinists recommend the Dowling Method. (http://wcdrutgers.net/Latin.htm) From their testimonials, I think it's effective. A quick summary of the method... 1. Get a very basic understanding of the grammar 2. Drill the tables (especially declensions) until memorized 3. Start reading simple Latin and just take in lots of reading (and listening) material. (Typically Lingua Latina per se Illustrata is recommended) and continue on until you are reading and understanding the stuff you want to.

My request is help on step 2. A couple units to drill declensions would help a lot of beginners get a good jump start. It could be as simple as setting sentences up and selecting the right form of the word to complete. There is already a lot of good declension work in the course, but it's scattered throughout. It would be nice to have a section to just drill and power through it even if it was just a single unit and you had to level it to 5 to get everything.

Gratias maximas et Felicem Nativitatis diem et vīdistis psittaco ebrio!

December 23, 2019

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Stage 2 is not "drill the tables." It is "memorize the paradigms (= tables) by writing out each noun and verb paradigm 200 times by hand (adjectives 100 times)" so that you will never forget it.

Notice: 200 (or 100 for adjectives) times. By hand. If you want to follow the "Dowling Method," that is what to do. And it works, as Luke Ranieri's success demonstrates.

However, writing paradigms out 200 times is a rather monumental task and will require unusual will power. Try it!

Do you need to write paradigms out so many times? Writing things out fewer times might serve as well, so long as the paradigms are truly memorized and you don't need to refer to books at all for them. Of course, you won't then have used the "Dowling method." And saying "memorize all the paradigms and then work through Lingua Latina per se Illustrata" sounds more like the Ørberg method, anyway.

Do you need to memorize the paradigms at all? IMHO you do, since we cannot learn Latin at our mother's knee, either all at once or as you work through a primer such as Lingua Latina per se Illustrata. But I'd love to hear from someone who disagrees and who has become a fluent speaker of Latin by some other method.

Not everyone who has learned Latin to a fluent conversational level followed the "Dowling method," for instance (among many others) those other people listed in my comment to the post Lingva Latina per se illustrata - your opinions. But if you can follow the "Dowling method," do it. It should work for you.

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