Is there any significant difference between ngem Dab It inhabits the forest and ngemDaq yIn It lives in the forest? In English, to inhabit means to live in (a place or environment), but is the meaning slightly different in Klingon?

December 23, 2019


ngemDaq yIn probably means something like its biological processes occur in the forest. Live in is an English idiom that doesn't have a Klingon equivalent.

I think I would translate ngemDaq yIn as It lives it's life in the forest, if I were trying to clarify the meaning a little better. But if someone gave me context that made it clear they really meant that it makes it's home in the forest, I would be more likely to translate that as ngem Dab. In the end they both probably describe the same situation, but one focuses on where its life happens and the other focuses on where its home is.

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