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"Iain agus Anndra, a bheil flat agaibh?"

Translation:Iain and Andrew, do you have a flat?

December 23, 2019



Is 'agaibh' the plural of 'at you', kinda like y'all? Whereas 'agad' is singular?


Yes, the tips on the web version explain it, but afaict there's no way to access them on the mobile app.


To see the tips, you can open duolingo.com in any browser, including your phone's browser. Login the first time, and you'll see the lesson tree. Click on the lesson you want tips for, and you'll see a button for tips as well as for the lesson. Bonus: you can keep the tips window up in the browser while you do the lesson in the app.


I put "Iain and Andrew, do you have a flat?" and it said I have a typo because it should have been "an flat"; the translation itself on this page says a flat, so I'm guessing that's an error.


Thanks, I think I know what happened, so it shouldn't be an issue now.


Why isn't Iain translated? Seumas is translated to James. Shouldn't Iain translate to John? Just curious.


I tried it with John. It was accepted.


I'm guessing, but Iain is a fairly common given name in English speaking populations, so translating to John would in many cases be wrong.


marked wrong before - or are you learning quickly?


you consider ordinary English word order correct


So when would you use "agaibh" versus "aca"?


Agaibh is formal or plural "at you"; aca is "at them". You would use agaibh if your question was addressed directly at the person or people you're talking to, and aca if you're asking about a third party/parties.

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