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Totally Lost

I have just finished the four alphabet levels and now on to description and I'm lost. I have no idea what the 3 represents and also what letter of the alphabet the darkened little knot in the middle of ki3aa represents. I understand that the letters are shortened when joined with other letters - I just don't which one that little dark knot is. I have a sheet with all the alphabet letters on it - is it a squished sa?

December 23, 2019



You should click on the "Tips" you can find in each skill of the Arabic tree. The explanations given there should cover the meaning of "3". I don't know what you mean with the dark knot, though.


I did look at the tips and they were describing a small "w" and the word has a 3 so didn't make a connection. I still don't understand why the words have a 3 in them - e.g. tirru3 has the small w (looks like a lying down 3) and the small alphabet W above the R but tiru3 has only the small alphabet W above it. In the word ki3aa the middle script looks like a heavy comma - that's what I'm not getting. Same as ba3ii.


This is too helpful to memorize the alphabet well.. An advice from a native:)


And if you feel confused about where every letter's exit write مخارج الحروف on google, and see the pictures or videos..


Cute!! Goes much too fast for me but I'm sure with time it will become better.

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