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Tips and notes finished for all 34 skills!

Update: the course now has tips and grammar notes for all 34 skills. They explain the key teaching points of each lesson, as well as some cultural context.

They are available in the web version of the course or by clicking the link below. Have tried to keep them as light and engaging as possible. About 13,500 notes have been written in just 3 weeks (my undergrad dissertation was only 13,000!) so I am really hoping folk will use them!


December 23, 2019



Tapadh leibh! The tips are wonderful, thanks to the team for all the hard work!


Thank you all for the lovely feedback in the moments, bliadhna ùr mhath nuair a thig i (happy new year when it comes).


While doing the course I have discovered that the system has some rather unfortunate tendencies as far as 'typos' are concerned. Sometimes I have been irked when the system has marked what I consider to be an obvious typo as an error but the main issue a I see it is that certain crucial errors like not aspirating when I should or failing to slenderise are treated as 'Typos' when in fact they are in some ways the crux of the example. I don't know how easy this would be to correct but if possible it would make a significant improvement to the course.


I noticed that too, and I was actually thinking of starting a thread about it. I got away with an awful lot of "tha" instead of "bha" and "i" instead of "e" and so on. Quite often I looked at a "typo" and realised it was an absolute howler. This is actually far more significant than the odd silly typo in English. (I once typed "Normal" instead of "Norman" and it was rejected.)

It's also probably too forgiving of missing accents and commas.

There is the report facility which includes the possibility to report "my answer should not have been accepted" and I wondered if I should have been using that. Although at the time I wasn't turning down a free pass.

I'm going to go through the tree again. I wonder if we could get some guidance from the mods about this, whether they want such reports or whether it would just overload them.


To be honest I think there is very little we can do about the one letter mistakes giving people a free pass. It’s a common issue with all courses. I wouldn’t report these as there is nothing we can do with them as it requires a change in the software itself and the same rules apply to all courses. Thanks though! There may be a way to change this is future but on the plus side a correct translation should still be given at the bottom. :)


These are the best tips and notes I’ve seen so far on Duolingo. A bit of humour lightens it up too.


Tapadh leibh! The notes and tips have really helped me contextualize what I'm learning so far, since mechanics are usually the game changer I need when learning a language. :)


Tapadh leibh! I've been using the Android app, so I didn't know the notes existed until a couple of days ago :|


You've been missing out. They seem to have been written by a comedian ;)


Likewise - only discovered yesterday. My life has been transformed!


Me too! I'm loving them - thank you so much for all the time and thought that's gone into them, and of course for the lessons themselves. They're so good!! I've had in my mind that I'd like to learn Gaelic for years, and now I'm actually doing it, and enjoying it immensely! :-)


Tapadh leibh! At one stage I was slightly ahead of the notes being uploaded so having the notes now has made it so much easier!


Thank you - much appreciated (especially the humour). I hope you have a lovely Christmas.


I am finding the audio of the lady with a deep voice (older lady) extremely difficult to understand. She speaks very quickly & her enunciation & pronunciation is not at all clear. The male voices are clearer and the speech is at a better pace. Is anyone else having this problem? I don't hear Gaelic on a daily basis, if at all, so haven't been able to attune my ears very easily.

Also - now that I have completed my tree it is very hard to amass any points just using the practice exercises, so I feel I will become a bit stagnant. What comes after Level 3 & the end of the tree? Are there more levels? I hope so!

I have to admit I have become addicted & cannot wait for each day's session!

Thank you!


The recording quality of her segments is a bit poorer but I think she does have a different accent to the others so on balance probably very useful. I don't think there are any words she uses which aren't used by the other speakers. I actually find it useful to hear it spoken in a more everyday manner (as long as there are others which are clearer of course!)


Yes, I am having exactly the same problem.


Was it just me then? I battled through the first module wishing like hell there were explanatory notes somewhere. I started looking at the comments on the individual questions where there were any, because there were some good tips there. It wasn't until I was starting the second module that I discovered from a comment that there was a wee light-bulb on each topic that I hadn't even seen, and if you clicked that, voila, as they say. Now I'm going back and reading them all in one go.

Did I miss some obvious pointer to this feature? Judging by the comments, there are other people who didn't know either. I think some more blatant hint that the facility exists might benefit bears of very little brain like myself.


You are not the only one, Morag. I kept wanting more explanation and grammar info as I was proceeding, but it is not obvious where to find it. Luckily I had some old books laying around from failed attempts to learn Gaelic. So, I had some basic understanding. I kept thinking it would be very annoying for someone totally new to Gaelic to just learn from the lessons alone. Thanks for sharing your experience.


Not being a native English speaker myself, it can be said that it has been a little challenging to deduce the grammar only by the lessons… it was funny (I got until fifth crown at home lesson until I realized there were notes…) but definitely, it is much better now. I’m really enjoying the course!!! Tapadh leibh


tapaidh leat a caraid, sin glè mhath a cluinntinn, agus iad glè mhath!


Quite a job, but I am very thankful, it helps me a lot! Tapadh leat!


Woah nice! Thank you for writing them! They truly help massively! :D


Once again, I am impressed by how fast you are! And the notes are great: they get the information across and at the same time, they are fun. I've had to giggle more than once when reading them!


Mòran taing, also for the cultural references and introducing me to Dòtaman (I had a great laugh)


Ooh not got there yet

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Thank you very much. I love the notes which are exactly the right balance of informative and funny. I particularly appreciated the references to the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds' view regarding guga, and the existence of vegetarian haggis, full marks for inclusivity.


Tha iad uile dìreach sgoinneil.


Thank you so much for taking the time to do this! It is very much appreciated and I am sure will help many people including myself!


Hi, started to learn a few weeks ago, looks like fun and tips and notes really usefull ! Tapadh leibh ollaimh ...


I wrote a long post & because I am a first time poster I had to verify my email! Long story short - verification failed, went back to post - disappeared! Not a happy bunny! :'(


I remember a description of an older version of Teach Yourself Gaelic as being an exemplar of "Scottish thoroughness". Thanks for keeping up the tradition. Sgoinneil!


Math fhèin! Mòrain taing, a charaid! My pattern is to read these immediately prior to doing the lesson (and then refer back when/if I get confused) - so yes! people are most certainly using them.


k now everybody go help the small irish team clean up their tree!


I’m sure the Irish team don’t need our help (I’m certainly not fluent in Irish anyway). We are a very small team and have plenty to keep us going!


Thank you for these. They're extraordinarily helpful, I can't believe that I just found out that they exist!


They're brilliant. Thank you.


These notes are fantastic! They are well written & fun/funny to read. Very motivating, but still communicated what needed to be said to fill in the knowledge gaps.


Thank you so much fo the tips and notes for the Scottish Gaelic class on Duolingo:)


Tapadh leat! Useful, and just lighthearted enough. Cheers!


Thank you very much indeed for all the hard work you and your colleagues must have done to put this course together. I finally managed to complete it. Bha e glè inntinnach! (I hope that's right...)


Mòran taing, glè mhath! Tha iad sgoinneil


Excellent. As a Scot learning his native tongue for the first time, I find the tips and explanations invaluable


Thank you to the Scottish Gaelic team! The tips and notes are especially great in this course, very helpful, interesting and often funny. They are making things so much easier for me now, and also making me homesick!


The tips are definitely helpful and some are very funny ('moaning about the weather is like catnip to Scottish people' - I'm still laughing. Awesome job. Tapadh leibh, a charaid!


This is awesome. Thank you. Tapadh leibh!


hank you so much! The notes are so helpful!


Thank you for this. Very useful!


Mòran taing! I have been loving all the notes for this course, they're informative and very fun. You're doing a great job with this.


Very nice! Thank you!


Oooh, this is wonderful, thank you so much for the notes!


This sounds great. I didn’t know there were differences between the web and the app, so I’ll check this out - Thanks!


I can see the lightbulb and access the notes on my Android phone. I haven't yet found anything I can do on the computer that I can't do on my phone, although the computer speaker is better for discerning subtle pronunciation differences.


I can't access the notes on the iPhone app. Also can't practice generally - have to click on the modules to do it rather than have a practice session that covers everything you're weaker on.


Thank you very much for this, going back now and enjoying them immensely. The best notes ever.


I'm not seeing any tips and notes for "Weather 2". I felt I could have done with some explanation of some of the concepts introduced, like the adjectives that go in front of the noun. I appreciate this was mentioned later, but at this point it all seemed a bit strange.

Was the omission of the notes at this stage intentional, or has there been a mistake?


Ah sorry, I think I know what happened there. A wee issue with Tree 2. I've added them again, so they should reappear in a wee while :) Thank you for the heads up!

P.S. all the notes are here: https://duome.eu/tips/en/gd. Just in case.


Thank you, on both points.


The notes are so great. I just wish they were easily accessible on the app, as much as they are via the browser.


Tapadh leibh! I have been copy and pasting them into a Pages document then tweaking the formatting. Now I can just print this and bind it for my review when I'm offline!


What an excellent document! Tapadh leat!


This is great news. This course is marvelous. Tapadh leibh!


Tapadh leibh for the sgoinneil course! I just found out this had funny tips I could not see on the app now that I've finished the tree... makes so much sense now... I have to do it all again hehehe

I just guessed out the lenition was just local variations by now. Oops !

I just wanted to ask, to go further, how could we say "please" in Scottish Gaelic ? I thought it would be clever not to threaten a Highlander next time I try to order a whisky ;)


Super hand! Can we get them on the app version as well??


Brilliant, they are really helpful. Just loving this!


I love the notes, I copy them out when I start a new skill, but I've found a minor error in the "Body" notes; it reads, "Tha falt donn ort. - You have hair." Mòran taing!


Tapadh leibh! I was just wondering about where to find explanations about basic grammar and structure for Scottish Gaelic.


The tips and notes were immeasurably helpful. Mòran taing!!!


Hi CIMacAonghais, thank you so much for the tips and grammar notes for all 34 skills! They have helped me immensely learn this beautiful language. I have found the tips for the "about me" section different on duome.eu site compared to the tips on the Duolingo learning page. The Duome.eu site talks about 'I am Morag' and the Learning page has notes on 'ann an/ann am' etc. Just wanted to see if that was correct? Tapadh leibh :)


I have only just discovered the notes on the desktop version! They are fab - they make my native speaking boyfriend laugh too :) mile taing


The Tips section is hilarious and informative. Thank you. I am trying to keep my eyes on spellings as some can be quite tricky. A highly enjoyable language. Slàinte as I raise a glass of Irn Bru in praise.


Very useful. Tapadh leibh


Halò CIMacAonghais. Please tell me when there will be additional lessons added to the Gaelic course. Are they coming soon? I see that some of the languages have many more units. Tapadh leibh


Tapadh leibh, a charaid


New user here. I used them initially - thought the tips changed each lesson, so when they stayed the same, I quit. AND THEN i realized they changed per skill. They really are valuable. I've printed them out, and refer to them regularly. I still struggle with lenition and gender but am getting better. M`oran taing to the Tip-Team!


Is there any more Scots Gaelic? This is the message i got: You've completed the Scottish Gaelic skill tree! Second of all, we'd like to take this time to thank you sincerely for your lengthy participation on Duolingo.


no point in trying plus if i have finished the course
chan eil feum ann a bhith a ’feuchainn "plus" ma tha mi air crìoch a chur air a’ chùrsa


Looks like I've found the right place to complement the Gaelic tips :-) I love learning languages but I actually look forward to reading the Gaelic tips even more than the lessons - always make me smile, and often chuckle. (Just got to the excitement of the masculine definite article!) They're really useful too! Tha tips sgoinneil. Tapadh leibh!


Will there be an expansion of skills at some point?


I'm hoping this is an allowed post for here, but I am going through the tips again and one small error: under " Phrases updated" vocabulary section, sùicar means Gaelic. Probably has been noticed, but just in case. And can I just say - Thank you!!


'S e gaisgeach a th' annad! Tapadh leibh!


I have been working on the Gaelic course for about five weeks and I am loving it so much so far. I am Scottish but from the central belt and sadly Gàidhlig isn’t taught in schools, I think it should be. It’s something I’ve always wanted to learn and I was really excited to start this course. I have just discovered these tips and they are fantastic. There were a few things that hadn’t completely made sense to me but reading through this things are starting click even more! So thank you to the team that complied it! Tapadh leibh!!!


The tips and notes are so good! They are funny and memorable, and they are very clear and well-structured!


Under verbal nouns it says “see the notes for Clothes 1 to see why we use I am seeing and not I see” but I can’t find that note, maybe I’m just missing it


Oops — Tapadh leibh!

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