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  5. "Hurry up, Finlay."

"Hurry up, Finlay."

Translation:Greas ort, Fhionnlaigh.

December 23, 2019



When should I use "a" before a name in the vocative case?


before consonants except for f followed by a vowel, and not before vowels. So, greas ort: Iain, Anna, Fhionnlaigh, but a Fhlòraidh, a Mhòrag, a Sheumais


The light bulb did not switch on for me please explain


Jennifer's comment above was helpful. Fionnlagh is an F followed by a vowel so no "a". Flòraidh is an F followed by a consonant so you should use the "a". The H is only there because the names are in vocative case and aren't present in other cases.


Im still not understanding why no a is used before Fhionnlaigh, but an a is used before Fhlòraidh. They both start with a consonant....


Nevermind, the lightbulb just clicked on.

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