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  5. "Tìoraidh a charaid."

"Tìoraidh a charaid."

Translation:Bye, friend.

December 23, 2019



It seems crazy to test spelling when the phonics of the letters are not taught. To an american eye and ear the phonics of Gaelic make little to no sence.


My answer is the same as the translation but it says I'm wrong, repeatedly.


Why does Google Translate think that tìoraidh means Tarry? The translation for 'tìoraidh a charaid' is coming up as, "his friend will deliver".


Because Google translate, despite what it claims, can't translate Gaelic.

It is laughably bad at its attempt.


Do Gaelic speakers really call each other "friend" a lot? How close donyou need to be to the other person? Coming from English, I'd be nervous about using a'charaid.

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