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  5. "falt fada agus sròn ghoirid"

"falt fada agus sròn ghoirid"

Translation:long hair and a short nose

December 23, 2019



The audio on this sentence was super loud, but since we can't remove it or rerecord it at the moment, I've just recorded a blank file. So hopefully you'll hear the other, proper audio file, but you might not hear anything. This won't happen with listening exercises though - they should always play the proper audio.

tl;dr - we'll fix it when we can.


The audio is perfectly fine now. Tapadh leat!


Same issue here and I flagged it to the team. Quite the wake-up call to hear that 'FAAAAALLLLTTT!'


Didn't hear anything - as suggested was likely - see below. But couldn't remember what the sentence was, and had to type some rubbish before being able to move forward. Glas I made a note of the sentence, or I'd never have moved on ;)


Reporting some audio unevenness here. In the sample sentence, "Falt" is very loud and distorted, while the rest of the sentence is at a normal audio level, without distortion.


Falt is very loud isn't it, i found the same issue as CatrionaNicDhana


Ouch, deafened on first word


No sound came out when j pressed the listen button


I got nothing, just a tiny blip of sound. I had to copy the right answer and paste it into the form the next time the question came up. Hope you can fix it soon. Or can you take the question out of the sequence till it's sorted?


I hear nothing.


All good now, it seems!


Hi, there is no voices on this. Tapadh leat


Some have said it's fixed, but there's still no sound for me.


Im hearing no audio currently (March 30th)

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