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  5. "Puhi au i nā kuki kokoleka."

"Puhi au i kuki kokoleka."

Translation:I bake the chocolate cookies.

December 24, 2019



My my answer "I am baking chocolate cookies" should have been accepted. Lacking any tense markers the interpretation is present tense.


Hi Sam. "Baking" would be Ke puhi nei. "Baking" is present participle, not present tense.


How do you say chocolate chip cookie?


kuki kipi kokoleka
Great question.

I got it from slack key guitar, which is kīkā kī hō'alu. Literally, it is "guitar key slack."

Chocolate chip cookie becomes kuki kipi kokoleka. Literally, it is "cookie chip chocolate." Pay particular attention to the exact order for each.

If someone has a colloquial phrase for chocolate chip cookie, I would also love to learn it.

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