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"The river flows sluggishly under the bridge."

Translation:Sub ponte flumen languide fluit.

December 24, 2019



Is there some way you (moderators/course creators) can give us free users unlimited hearts? It really is frustrating to lose all your hearts because of using different word order, especially at the end of a lesson.


Would 'Flumen fluit languide sub ponte' work?


Why do we have to start with sub ponte? Wouldn't flumen languide sub ponte fluit be correct too?


That was my answer as well


I didn't try but "sub pontem" should work as well, shouldn't it? There is no difference in English but it could mean "where" and "where to".


This would be the river Ankh?...


we have the ablative case sub ponte but I've learnt that the river makes the action "fluit" and I do not understand why it is not the accusative pontem there. Previously we had for instance "ad aram it" . And here the river is moving "fluit". IN fact I think both are corrects.

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