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  5. "نْيويورْك مَدينة مُزْدَحِمة."

"نْيويورْك مَدينة مُزْدَحِمة."

Translation:New York is a crowded city.

December 24, 2019



"New york City is crowded" dhould be accepted also.


if you mean "new york city" as the name of the city, that still means: "new york city is a crowded city". If you want to describe the city, then it is as above: نيويورم مدينة مزدحمة

if you want to describe new york instead, by saying new york city is crowded, you should drop the "city", it becomes either نيويورك مزدحمة، مدينة نيويورك مزدحمة

if however, you are in new york, you can say it as you wish, they both deliver the meaning :)

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