"I like socks."

Translation:Is toil leam stocainnean.

December 24, 2019



'S toil leam stocainnean orm was not accepted but 'S toil is accepted elsewhere; why not here?


The "orm" might be your problem here, it doesn't want you to say you have them on but that you like them so " 's toil leam stocainnean" should be fine.


Cuir mi 'Is toil leam socaisean'; tha 'socais' ann am faclair bho Angus Watson.


If "is toil leam" means "I like", how does that break down? Which part is I and which part is like? Or is it an idiom that isn't literal? Is it like orm where the "mi" is combined with another word so to say "you likeā€¦" would be something like "is toil leat"?


'leam' is the form of 'le' with 'mi' (like 'orm' is 'air' + 'mi') 'toil' on its own can be translated as 'will'. So it's literally 'is the will with me'


I really feel like Duolingo needs to be a little more strict when it comes to spelling. Yes, there may be times when it's truly just a typo, but to make sure we're learning words, maybe not give credit for misspellings.


I kinda feel the opposite. Autocorrect keeps messing with me when I try to go fast. Like in this sentence the "Is toil leam" part I've entered in so many times that it feels second nature now, so I don't pay attention to it as much, but stocainnean is still hard to remember so that's where all my attention goes.
And then sometimes I hit the "confirm" button and find out that autocorrect changed it to "is too leam" and I get marked wrong.
My own fault for not checking but still it's annoying to lose a heart for a stupid mistake when I actually know the right answer

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