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Good morning, etc

Hi Just wondered - in English we have four times of day - good morning, good afternoon, good evening, and good night.

In this course, the Gaelic only seems to have three choices - madainn, feasgar, and oidhche.

What times do these span?

December 24, 2019



Hey feasgar math can mean both good afternoon and good evening. Oidhche mhath is quite rarely used as a greeting nowadays. Feasgar math can be either a greeting or a parting. It’s hard to give an exact time of when people would say “oidhche” due to the massive seasonal variations in daylight.


My understanding is that oidhche covers both evening and night.


Not quite.

Feasgar is any time after midday until midnight. It's literally the eve of the day after. Today for example, is Feasgar Nollaig (Christmas Eve).

Madainn is any time before midday.

Oidhche is night time

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