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Site for Audio/Video with Text in Scottish Gaelic

I ran across this page yesterday and haven't noticed a reference to it in the forum. It has a series of videos with the accompanying text, at progressive levels of difficulty. Even the easiest ones are a bit advanced for me right now but I'm hoping to be ready for them soon. http://multidict.net/clilstore/

December 24, 2019



learngaelic.scot will help you a lot , it provides you all the knowledge ye need. Dictionary , sound files , videos , grammar sources , even tests , and you can look for teachers , courses , get skype lessons , or face to face , the sky is the limit.


I go there a lot ... it is great! But I haven't seen this kind of thing there. Specifically, they show a video of a person speaking and display the Gaelic text below (as a paragraph, not subtitles). Anyway, it's good to have multiple sources of learning.


is math sin!! tapadh leat i wish there was a translation though as clicking each and every word is laborious - but it´s great to just listen!

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