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  5. "I don't have aloha shirts."

"I don't have aloha shirts."

Translation:ʻAʻohe oʻu palaka aloha.

December 24, 2019




poss Mine, my, of me (o-form, zero-class).



[PE] 1 interj None; no, not; to have or be none; there is no one who (in subordinate phrases).

ʻAʻohe is a contraction of the negative ʻaʻole and he, the indefinite article (Gram. 10.2). It is often followed by zero possessives, as ʻaʻohe āna hana, he has no work; ʻaʻohe o ʻu makemake i poi, I don't want any poi. Today a gesture is commonly used by all races to replace ʻaʻohe koena, there isn't any more, or ʻaʻole, no. The gesture, taken front Hawaiians, is a quick flick of the hand with the palm turned downward and away front the body, originally significant of an empty hand. ʻOia kamaʻilio aku ā ʻea ka waha, ʻaʻohe lohe ʻia mai, while talking until the tongue is coated, [yet] no one is listened to.



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