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Is there a site that will read gaidhlig aloud?

So, i'm no good just doing what i'm supposed to and I was hoping I could find a 'reader' program like NaturalReader to read gaidhlig - but I can't.

Is there a site out there that will read out the words i've written in Scots Gaelic so I can pronounce them better?

December 24, 2019



I don’t know a site but there is a Gaelic text to speech engine called “Ceitidh” (Katie). It’s available to the entire public sector in Scotland but I’m not sure how else you would go about getting it. It’s very good though. Particularly useful in education!


Thank you - that is great!


LearnGaelic.scot will do for you , it has a dictionary aswell , grammar basics , and everything you need !

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