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  5. "The bedrooms are dirty."

"The bedrooms are dirty."

Translation:Cubicula sordida sunt.

December 24, 2019



Why is this "sordida"? I thought that was the singular feminine form?


'Cubiculum' is neuter and the nominative neuter plural of 'sordidus' is the same as the singular feminine 'sordida'.


The etymology of some words is really interesting. sum comes from Proto-Indo-European *h₁ésmi (“I am, I exist”)
English, Latin, German
I am, ego sum, Ich bin
It is, id est, es ist
they are, ii sunt, sie sind
Actually not bad for a centuries long game of Chinese-whispers/ telephone.


Why is everything so dirty? Didn't the romans invent things like running water?


sorry, i think neutral plural can be used with singular verbs, cubicula sordia est?, don't i?


I don't know if it is very common to do such in Latin. After a quick search I found nothing in grammar books about it, only forum posts that suggested that instances in Latin are influenced from Ancient Greek.

I am curious if someone knows or has links to more information.

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