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  5. "Tha mi dìreach a' falbh."

"Tha mi dìreach a' falbh."

Translation:I am just leaving.

December 25, 2019



confused with what falbh means. the drop down bar says it means leaving and going but to me they seem like different words and meanings? we've learnt that Feumaidh mi falbh is 'i need to go' so is the difference because it's 'a falbh' and not just falbh? or is it just a context thing?


I can't hear the pronunciation of direach correctly


When would you use the word 'dìreach'? Does it get used the way the word just gets used to mean only, but in cases where it changes the meaning to 'i was about to start/attempt φ'?

ie. I was leaving -> I was just leaving. (ie, just about to leave)

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