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  5. "ngeng jaQ vISov."

"ngeng jaQ vISov."

Translation:I know a deep lake.

December 25, 2019



I think the English translation should be "I know of a deep lake" because "I know a deep lake" would mean you are personally acquainted with a deep lake as if they are a person that you have met. Isn't that right?


I know a deep lake is also acceptable, if perhaps a bit more colloquial than know of.


My dialect of English doesn't have a know/know of distinction for things. To me I know of a lake sounds a little more poetic but doesn't convey a different meaning than I know a lake. For persons, the distinction is that if I know a person I probably have actually met them but if I know of a person I am aware of their existence, but probably have not met them.

It looks as though not all English speakers have this distinction, so I wouldn't rely on it communicating what you want, e.g. https://english.stackexchange.com/questions/29869/know-about-vs-know-of

(I know it's not about Klingon, but I love that people can learn more about English by studying Klingon).


P.S. I reported the sentence because it didn't accept "I know of a deep lake." I used the report button. Just posting it in case the report button didn't work.


"I know of a deep lake" is now accepted. You didn't get a confirmation for it because your version didn't have a captial letter or punctuation, but you would still get it marked correct by Duolingo, now.

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