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  5. "اَلْبَيْت"


Translation:the house

December 25, 2019



I expected to hear "al bait", but the audio says "el bait"


I don't understand what you expected it to be. The audio is correct here


To be clearer, I think those 'al' VS. 'el' are a bit pointless. In formal Arabic, you would pronounce اَلْـ as /æl/ with the sound æ (i.e. the same sound as A in pal). If you speak informally though, the vowel sound becomes shorter and and less open, therefore becoming /el/ with the sound e (i.e. the sound as E in bell).

P.S.: Here formal/informal is not related to dialects. Formal speech would be over pronounced, whereas informal speech would be more natural and fluid.


"al bait" is the correct..


Why -1?? I'm Arabian if you don't know, my friend!

Anyway, both of them have the same meaning, but because you're studying Standard Arabic you should say "al", but in public Arabic we say "el" as an easier talking... Hope you understand:)


A very often sounds like short E in Arabic. Get used to it. Just like the door, el beb. Both vowels sound like short E even though you might think it is supposed to be A by the diacritic.


The audio is a robot, don't expect her to get it 100% right


I see an empty circle diacritic over the ي (pls correct me if I'm wrong; I find the diacritics hard to read on the app). My question is: Why this diacritic? I thought it means "don't speak the vowel"... But the ii here is pronounced!


no that's the silencing diacritic, does not mean do not read the letter, i means there is no short vowel sound after it. Every letter has its own diacritic, silencing is a valid diacritic for all letters, including vowels. Alb(a)yt, Alw(a)qt (notice how the "w" had an "a" sound, then the letter after "q" was silenced
w(a)qt: وَقْت
سَيْف: s(a)yf
b(a)yt: بَيْت
here is an example of all moving letters: s(i)w(a)r: سِوَر

To push further, an example of when the "y" has its own non silencing diacritic:
S(a)yr: سَيْر
S(i)y(a)r: سِيَر

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