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"Animals descend from the mountain."

Translation:Animalia de monte descendunt.

December 25, 2019



It didn't take "Animalia ab monte descendunt". Is it wrong?


"ab" is used before words starting with a vowel. With that said, I still don't know if "Animalia a monte descendunt" is correct. In fact I was hoping to find a discussion on the topic here. :)


A quick Google seems to tell me that "de" has a meaner closer to "down from" (apparently including in the sense of being a descendant of a family). But apparently it's also a bit more complicated than that


Not particularly sure but reporting anyway, since it's clear there is some interest in checking this. Eventually I suppose the tree will have more detailed coverage of prepositions.


Animalia de monte descendunt ac impetum faucibus in urbem faciunt.


Sed homo animal perīculōsissimus est.

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