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"Animalia de monte descendunt."

Translation:Animals descend from the mountain.

December 25, 2019



I got "monte" right, and I have no idea how. I don't know the declensions and I don't remember seeing a tip about it. Either blind luck, or practice instills a bit of intuition.


Animals from the mountain descend - should also be accepted, right? (As opposed to the animals from the plains /ocean/etc, who do not descend.)


I am also curious this. Would the sentence look the same but is incorrect here because.. ?


In tips, it says animals is third declension, but these endings suggest second declension - or am I missing something?


No, animal is a third declension.


I don't see anything that makes it look like a 2nd. What makes you think that? It's a third declension neuter.

EDIT: Wait, is it because you say the -a? All neuters have -a in the Nom and Acc plural. That means you cannot tell it's declension from that form alone. However, once you've seen enough of them, you'll start to get the feeling for the declension.

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