"En la página se incluye un pequeño motor de búsqueda."

Translation:On the page a small search engine is included.

April 27, 2013



Is a "search engine" really called a "motor de búsqueda"?

May 6, 2013


Yep, it is. Also "buscador," but the Wikipedia page goes by "motor de búsqueda."

June 14, 2013


It is difficult to guess how they want the impersonal "se" to be translated. Some people say it makes the clause passive, and others say it can translate to "one" or "they" or even "you" (also in the impersonal sense). I said "On the page they include a little search engine." Wouldn't it make sense to include all of these in the correct solutions?

May 28, 2013


The way that the sentence is formed seems to be strongly implying that the "se" is referring to "la pagina", in which case it's the page itself that includes a search engine.

October 6, 2013


but somebody had to put it there, right?

April 27, 2014


Why is this sentence not allowed?: 'on the page is included a small search engine' - reported

May 15, 2014


I think it is in Engrish

July 7, 2014


I put the same thing--can't see anything wrong with it. Reporting 7/18/14

July 18, 2014


I used that and reported it. I admitted it was clumsy but not incorrect.

July 19, 2014


"The site includes a small search engine" and similar responses should be accepted as well. Or maybe there shouldn't be long sentences at all, if that's the problem.

April 27, 2013


"The page includes a small search engine" is currently accepted as of Feb 2014.

February 10, 2014


I think the issue with that sentence is that it is in the active voice rather than the passive (also I think it wants "page" rather than "site"). Obviously it has the same meaning, and if I was translating this, I would use your translation because it sounds better. But a literal translation would stay in the passive, and Duolingo usually wants the translation as literal as possible.

July 13, 2013


I guess it's awkward to say "in the page is included a search engine", but I still think it should have counted.

June 5, 2014


se incluye translates to is included? why

August 21, 2013


This sentence is in the passive voice (in English, passive voice would be a sentence like "Billy was taught," as opposed to "Mr. Jones taught Billy," which is active voice). In Spanish, one way to create the passive voice is to use what's called the "passive se."

So the search engine "is included" on the page, but the sentence doesn't say who included it. Without the "se," it would be an implied "he" or "she" that included the search engine since Spanish doesn't always require the subject to be in the sentence. By adding the "se," it becomes a passive construction that says we don't know who included it, we just know that it "is included."

So for another example that may help:

Comió la manzana = He/she/it ate the apple.

Se comió la manzana = The apple was eaten. (by who, we either don't know or it's not important)

August 21, 2013


Thank you very helpful wish I could give you lingot on mobile version!

June 4, 2014


This is a common phenomenon with many verbs having the reflexive "se" applied to them. Se habla español aquí. Spanish is spoken here [by, you know, whoever happens to be speaking]. If you translated it word-for-word literally, it would be something like, "Spanish speaks itself here," but (a) that's silly, and (b) that's not what a Spanish speaker would mean by that sentence. They just use the reflexive form as a way to remove any specific subject from view, exactly as we do in English when we change a verb to its passive form.

There's also a Spanish version of passive that closely parallels ours, where you use a past participle. But it's fairly uncommon, and generally considered awkward. http://spanish.about.com/od/sentencestructure/p/passive_voice.htm http://users.ipfw.edu/jehle/courses/PASSIVE.HTM

The equivalent of the "by [actor]" clause, in Spanish, uses "por". El jugo fue bebido por mi hermano. The juice was drunk by my brother.

November 15, 2014


The English translation appears to have been written by a non-native speaker, or just a mediocre writer. Duolinguo is a great program, but that's one of the disadvantages of outsourcing all your programming to volunteers.

June 16, 2014


Why does the mouse over hint for incluye say "includes" when the translation is supposed to be "included"

July 4, 2013


because there are a number of ways to translate the sentence. i used " The page includes a small search engine." and it was accepted.

September 3, 2013


includes is active voice; is included is passive voice, present tense. They are looking for a passive voice with se.

December 6, 2013


"A small search engine is included on the page" was accepted. I didn't think it would be as to get the passive voice I changed the word order which Duo doesn't usually like.

March 12, 2014


"The page includes a small search engine" should be accepted. Hopefully they'll accept it now that I've reported it!

Also "In the page's included a small engine" is wrong, wondering how that answer got into the accepted solutions!

July 29, 2013


This is right. I'm reporting both as well.

August 5, 2013


"On the page's included a small search engine." why is this considered correct. It is 'another correct solution'.

January 2, 2014


I am guessing how this happened. DL "learned" that one can sometimes contract "is" to just apostrophe + s, as in "She's in the garden." Then, DL took the word order (more or less) from Spanish: "On the page is included a small search engine" which, to me, sounds like "Yoda-speak" and not very natural.

January 7, 2014


I agree. Page's is wrong.

January 4, 2014


Why is it engine and not motor?

March 25, 2014


In English, we say, "search engine," not, "search motor." (A program for the retrieval of data from a database or network, especially the Internet)

April 4, 2014


Another irritant!

May 2, 2013


Put to the normal translation an "included" at the end. Sounds fine, is correct. The answer is too narrow here

February 3, 2014


Isn't 'tiny' an acceptable synonym for 'small' or "little'?

March 13, 2014


It's interesting to me that this is nothing like the reverse exercise i just did, but has the exact same English translation.

May 11, 2014


Why do they start the sentence with "en" instead of just starting with "La pagina se...."? That threw off my answer.

July 17, 2014


"On the page a small search engine." That's what the app is claiming to be the right answer, and yet that's not a complete sentence.

September 9, 2014


I put similar 'on the page includes a small search engine.' Why is it 'En la página' if on the page isn't acceptable. Is there a reason or is my translation correct.

September 14, 2014


Notice that the 'se' in this case would be working as a reflexive passive former, and 'un pequeño motor de búsqueda' is the subject of the sentence.

March 24, 2015


"on the page there is a small search engine included" should be accepted as well. reported

July 22, 2018


I am not native english speaker so please if anyone could explain what does this sentence mean.

February 21, 2019
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