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I just completed the L2 tree in less than a month

I just completed the L2 tree in less than a month.

What a nice Christmas gift I presented myself.

Next target - L3 tree... it is getting tougher and trickier.

I am also using other online materials like Learngaelic.net / .scot and sometimes I watch Can Seo.

December 25, 2019



Well done! I am aiming to complete the L5 tree by the end of the year. My main challenge is spelling because I never learned how to spell in Gaelic. I revisited Gaelic again briefly as a teenager, but that was a long time ago.


Did you use to speak Scottish Gaelic when you were a kid?

Were you already rather comfortable with spoken S. Gaelic ?

Were you familiar with many of the words taught in Duolingo?


Yes. I had an advantage, but I have lived in Australia since an early age and apart from a very brief attempt at learning Gaelic when I was about 16, it has been around 60 years since I actually used the language. I could recognise bits and pieces on TV when I visited Scotland, but that’s about all. Quite a few words came back as a result of the Duolingo course, and the grammar seemed naturall to me.


I am interested to hear what your gaidhlig accent sounds like


It probably sounds childish :) This is probably a result of my circumstances but Gaelic always sounds a bit childish to me. Of course I know that it isn’t really. It’s difficult to describe.


Go you! I’ve been at this course for 31 days and am 5 lessons away from finishing the L2 tree. There’s a lot in L3, looking forward to getting there!

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