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What is the difference between mange and manges?

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They seem to be the same thing...

6 years ago



to expand on the conjugation, regular "er" French verbs (like "manger") are conjugated by dropping the "er" from the stem ("mang") then adding the following:

je (I) stem+e = je mange

tu (you) stem+es = tu manges

il/elle/on (he/she/it) stem+e = il/elle/on mange

nous (we) stem+ons = nous mangeons (manger is an exception because of the 'g')

vous (you) stem+ez = vous mangez

ils/elles (they) stem+ent = ils/elles mangent

6 years ago


conjugations It's like "you eat" vs. "he eats". The 's' in this case goes on the 2nd person verb. il mange (he eats), tu manges (you eat)

6 years ago