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What is the difference between mange and manges?

They seem to be the same thing...

July 31, 2012



to expand on the conjugation, regular "er" French verbs (like "manger") are conjugated by dropping the "er" from the stem ("mang") then adding the following:

je (I) stem+e = je mange

tu (you) stem+es = tu manges

il/elle/on (he/she/it) stem+e = il/elle/on mange

nous (we) stem+ons = nous mangeons (manger is an exception because of the 'g')

vous (you) stem+ez = vous mangez

ils/elles (they) stem+ent = ils/elles mangent


conjugations It's like "you eat" vs. "he eats". The 's' in this case goes on the 2nd person verb. il mange (he eats), tu manges (you eat)

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