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"Is toil leam Inbhir Nis gu mòr."

Translation:I like Inverness a lot.

December 25, 2019



Speaker very indistinct.


I see people complaining about finding the speaker difficult to understand, which I get because I found the audio difficult too, but isn't it kinda important to get an insight into how different speakers actually sound?

It's a language with a lot of variation across dialects, and this sounds like a more elderly speaker too.

I get it's difficult, but it's a challenge. And that's what learning a language is right?

It's not an issue with every piece of audio on here, so we should probs take the difficulty in our stride.

What's the gaelic word for rambling? Cus it's what I'm doing.


This speaker is way too quiet


I swear it sounds like she is saying "leòr" not "mòr"


I am curious as to why 'bh' is usually a vee sound but not in this word. Any ideas?


I saw this same question on another sentence and from my understanding it technically is still "v" but seems like it just became something of habit to pronounce bh in this name differently, like the pronunciation just changed over time while the spelling stayed the same.

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