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  5. "Tha fùil dearg."

"Tha fùil dearg."

Translation:Blood is red.

December 25, 2019



since fuil is a feminine noun, should not an adjective of dearg be lenited? Duo said that "tha fuil dhearg" was incorrect.


'Dearg' isn't leniting because it is not describing the blood directly here.

Tha fuil dearg. > Blood is red.

Fuil dhearg. > Red blood.


okay, that makes sense - as long as I take the time to think it through! :)


What's with the K sound between fùil and dearg? Is it normal, dialectal, a recording error, or just an idiosyncrasy of this specific old lady? Cuz it definitely isn't there in either of the words, and there's no difficulty or peculiarity in pronouncing those words close together that would spawn a K.

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