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  5. "جَدّة لَطيفة"

"جَدّة لَطيفة"

Translation:a kind grandmother

December 25, 2019



Would "a gentle grandmother" be acceptable?


how do we know the difference between "a kind grandmother" and "a grandmother is kind"? it seems that without the "is" they would have to be written the same.


They are same.. In all cases you are saying that she is kind.. "a kind grandmother" is the best meaning as I see.


i guess so but what if i wasn't speaking of a specific grandmother? not this particular grandmother is kind, "a kind grandmother", but "a grandmother is kind" more like grandmothers are or tend to be kind. i guess maybe it's easier to see the difference with an adjective that is always true ... like say you're teaching shapes and you say to a kid "a ball is round" vs. you're on the playground and you say "i need a round snowball" (as opposed to the weirdly shaped one).


I don't understand surly what did you explain.. It is easier than it seems for you.. It's just "a kind grandmother" just like when you use it in English.. See:)

-Do you know this woman.

هل تعرف هذه المرأة؟

she is my grandmother.

إنها جدتي.

-She gave me a gift, she is (a kind grandmother).

أعطتني هدية، إنها (جدة لطيفة)

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