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The Joy of Socks....

I received some socks for Christmas.

This was my favourite present, partly because I actually needed socks and shopping bores me, but also because it brought unexpected memories and emotions...

The people who buy you socks are the people who love you. They buy you socks because they want your feet to be warm and comfortable. They know that socks will often not be appreciated, but they do not seek thanks.

Your Welsh nan might buy you sanau. Your practical German aunt might send you Socken. The Polish lady next door might pass you skarpety over the garden wall.

Always appreciate such people, kids. The people who give you socks have real love in their hearts.

Happy New Year, my friends. Be happy. ;)

And thank you all for all of your wonderful replies!! They have really brightened my new year. ;)

December 25, 2019



You're so right.

And if socks are a measure of true love, my son is so lucky - his girlfriend bought him 22 pairs of socks for Christmas this year.

Isn't young love wonderful? Wonderful, and.... odd?


I hope so, Songve.


"Wonderful, and.... odd?" Agreed.


Life is wonderful, and confusing


That's such a touching post. I love socks. I got a bunch of socks and some old man sweaters for Christmas. I feel like an old grandfather living the dream~


Loved this post. Happy festive sockery to you!


Thanks, Linda! I was alright for "priest's socks", but these are lovely thick walking socks. I might even head for the hills tomorrow. ;)


I got some socks for Christmas as well! They're such an underrated present to get.

Hope you enjoy yours and have a happy New Year! :D


Opened a present of 12 new pr this morning - and I felt loved. : )


I did too! I actually asked for socks this year, because well they keep my toes warm :) and I felt very loved as well!


Nice post!

I did not receive any socks from my wife this year--for Christmas, or our anniversary, or my birthday, when she usually would give me pairs--but it's simply because she has knit so many for me already, from a nice blend of alpaca wool and just my size of course, that she'll wait to knit more until some of these have worn out and must be discarded. Socks have been my favorite present for years. You're absolutely right about them as a gift. It's nice that you posted about this.


Hand knitted socks are the best! You are lucky to have someone who loves you so much.


"Discarded"? That defeets the purpose of hand-knitted socks.


I'm at Level 25, Obsinian league in Spanish, and Duolingo still has not taught me "socks".

It's a tragic failure, because my feet are cold :-(


Ahí está, un par de calcetines para ti... Image: emoji of Socks
¡Feliz Navidad!


Gracias, amiga o amigo!


As much as I bad mouth the Vietnamese course, it taught me "socks" in a way that I couldn't forget it if I tried: "stinky socks" (đôi tất hôi)


Me encanta recibir los calcetínes para un regalo. Son mis regalos favoritos.


That's fantastic, thanks for this post. My dad's favorite line every year for any shape, size or weight of package is: "Maybe it's a pair of socks" we heard that several times this morning. :-) Feliz Navidad!


I personally don't wear socks hardly at all, but I completely understand about giving socks as a gift. When you give someone a pair of socks they will appreciate them, they will get excited about them, and you will be surprised how fun special socks can be.


How do you wear shoes without having smelling feet problems? I don't swear that much, but if I wear my shoes without socks, it's hard to wash them. It's much easier to wash my socks instead.


The only time I wear socks is when I am wearing closed toed shoes. I like to wear sandals when I can when I go out, but most of the time I am at home and I can get away with being barefoot.


Start going BF everywhere.


I got a Lynx Africa gift set - shower gel and deodorant/body spray.

I suspect I am not alone.

I hope it is not a coded message. I made sure to bathe thoroughly this morning.


This is one of the proofs that a boy became a man -when he is happy with the socks as a Christmas gift. Another one is when you start wondering about how Santa Claus clothes would fit you :)

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LOL - my favorite word in Spanish has long been "calcetines". It has such a lovely musical ring to it and besides, socks make me smile.


Nice post, thanks. Happy new year to you too.


Omg...I'm going to share your story with the ones I love, because I gifted them socks! :)


I knit socks or mittens for family at Christmas, 12 items in all, and having been doing so for the past 10 years. This year, they said that next year, we will draw lots and each adult gives a gift to only one adult. I am sad because now I am deprived of all the fun and planning that I have knitting every year in anticipation of Christmas.

Thanks for letting me vent, Duolingo community.


Some rules are meant to be broken. Be a rebel, Jan. Just keep on knitting for everybody!


Thanks, K9. I send you a pair of digital socks through the internet.


Wow! Perfect fit, thank you! Very snug.


I'm a knitter too, and my sons and husband love my handknit socks for Christmas. 12 items is a lot to knit, but if you really love it, I would think your family would respect that and welcome the gifts and the love that went into them.


Thanks, carpelanam, I'll be giving this some thought and will keep knitting just in case.


I think hand-knitted socks are the best gift in the world; not an easy option, as quite difficult to knit well and get right, so hats off to you Jan! And Keep on knitting! Xxx


I've just twigged your username, carpelanam. "seize the wool" in Latin. Brilliant. :)


I've knitted lots of socks too. I am in a profession where there are many young colleagues who have babies all the time. I've switched to knitting baby cardigans. It is as addictive as knitting socks. That said, I am also knitting socks for my partner. He is originally from Bali and I found wool with colours inspired by different countries and they also had Bali-inspired wool!


What is Bali-inspired wool? I am intrigued!


I tried to find a picture but I can't manage to paste it here. Type in 'Meilenweit Bali' and click on pictures and you'll see. It's basically wool died in the colours that you'll find in sarongs from Bali. It is discontinued alas. I loved the colours.


I see, that's a great idea having all the colours in one ball. Very colourful. Hopefully they will bring back your favourite Bali one.


This warmed my heart! I enjoyed reading this very much, merci beaucoup!


I also love socks and your post warmed my heart.


Jag tycker om strumporna! Is breá liom stocai! Is toil leam gu mor stocainnean! I like socks. Golden toe socks are something of a running joke in our family. I often make happy socks (with festive designs) a motif for Christmas presents.


That is so true. We sometimes take them for granted, the ones who buy or knit socks, wipe our bottoms, and do all the other unglamorous things for us.

Have a happy new year everybody.!


"I received some socks for Christmas."

Me too! :-) Can't go wrong with a pair warm socks this winter. C рождеством! (Merry Christmas!)


What a wonderful post - I could never have written it so beautifully. I got my Christmas socks a couple weeks ago (long story). Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Socks are the best. They are so underappreciated.


I love getting fuzzy socks :)


I also love fuzzy socks. I received some from a gift exchange and they have cats on them! My other friend got narwhals~ that's her favorite animal


Why am I thinking "what an unnecessary post" but still smiling all the way while reading it and actually commenting... because the post itself is just like a gift of socks - not special, but magical in its own right. Thanks!


Just received some socks today as well! (Though it was the result of ending up with them at the end of a gift exchange) :P Thanks for the post.


When you talked about socks, I thought you received gifts in your socks as how it is in some cultures.


We call them "stockings" if we're talking about putting gifts in them :-)


For Christmas I asked for socks. I knew I was getting Vans and I wanted to rock them with new socks. I got Bob Ross socks. And plenty of others.


I got some shoes this Christmas.

"Buty" was written on them.

Nice to see they were already polished.


Excellent punning, Good Sir!

Quite brilliantly terrible! I shall be stealing that one, as I'm stocking up on puns. :)


Merry Socks! :)


Never looked at it that way before..... I like your way of thinking and your bang on the money, those that love you don't want all the gratitude that the grand gesture gets, they just want you to be happy and comfortable.... I bought my wife some socks this year, my mum bought me some socks, the two women in my life, whom I love, I also love my dog but socks wouldn't last too long where we walk! Thanks for the post, you've got me thinking today and that's a good thing!


In the past I have bought thick, wool socks for girlfriends who have complained of cold feet in winter (not Xmas presents - just off the cuff gifts).

On both occasions I was better "rewarded" than if I had spent twenty times the price in the lingerie section.

Oh happy days........


I always thought socks were the thing to get when you don't know what to get anyone. But, my brother and I got our uncle some sweet Colorful Colorado socks and he really liked them! I also recieved socks and they are actually really nice! Very warm, and heartfelt.


This post brought a tear to my eye. It's just sweet and perfect. Thank you, DJrossonwye.


Hm. maybe I should buy my friends socks instead of candy and the likes during the Christmas season.


I love very good Scottish wool, very warm. But I didn't have any gift this year.


lucky you. my niece bought me a big jar of a very crunch pub mix snack. I am old and haven't had teeth for years, and my dentures broke a couple of years ago..

she might have known this is she (like almost all of my family) ever bothered to come to visit me or their grandmother (my 80 year old mom who I take care of), or call more than once every three or four months. Funny how they always expect me amd mom to make the 2 hour drive to her place for the family christmas though.


Enjoyed your post. Reading it made me think of when I was growing up and my siblings and I would spend the week after Christmas with my grandmother in Queens, New York.

My grandmother’s landlady was a German immigrant who was very skilled in knitting and crocheting. Each Christmas she would give me and my sister a pair of slipper socks that she’d made. I’m sure there were (and are) some pint-size fashionistas out there who would be appalled at such a gift, but the slipper socks were warm and comfy and we loved them.

Reading your post (and the fact that I’m hoping to start German sometime in 2020) brought back some happy memories of Christmas holidays with my grandmother, handmade slipper socks, and the very nice lady who made them.


awesome. I received many gifts this year, socks was one of them.


Lovely post you wrote. Thanks for sharing. I got two pairs of socks - Eiffel Tower socks and book lover socks from my kids. I am feeling bad that I didn't get more people socks :)


Ya! My mom got socks for someone and they loved them!


So I was working at my clothing store the other day and this guy came in wanting to buy something but he only spoke Spanish. I pointed to a shirt, he shook his head no. I pointed to a pair of pants, he shook his head no. I pointed to a pair of socks and he said "Eso si que es!" and I replied, well why didn't you say so in the first place. (you gotta say the phrase out loud to get it)


Every Christmas i get like over 20 socks! I love socks!! I love when i get socks...its odd but i love it!


My mom got socks for Christmas :)


This off the topic of socks. But my aunt's mother lost her husband and spends Christmas with us now. She knitted this little tissue box cover , one for everyone. She even took the time to knit something that she knew the person would like. She's very nice. Homemade gifts are awesome.


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Ahhhh, @DJrossonwye, I received several pair of socks from my sister for Christmas! Now, I am certain that she loves me and I do appreciate her for keeping my feet warm and toasty.


i get socks every year. btw god loves you


When I started living in warmer climates, I wore less and less socks. One of my favorite pair of socks were Finnish cross-country skiing socks. Best pair of socks I ever owned and kept them even though my skiing days are long past. Was thinking of mounting them on a wall for memories sake as they served me well skiing and backpacking in frigid weather. Now they are receptacles/dispensers for plastic bags. One other pair of black socks I keep in my car in case my wife talks too much...


Nunca hay demasiado calcetines de alpaca o bicis de chromoly.


Socks is good for you.



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