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Hello, I'm learning Italian from English and I would like to advise the creators of this website to better the pronunciation on some sentences when we have write what is dictated in an activity. I honestly love this website/app, though it would really help out to better that pronunciation. Does anyone else agree or even disagree? I know for myself, it has lost me some hearts just because I couldn't hear what was being said. Some words are mumbled, rushed, or not even pronounces distinctively.

July 3, 2014



I can agree. The system, believe it or not, is not a real woman...it is an automated voice. I see that you are level 9 so I'm sure that you know as you move along in the lessons you sort of get used to what words are said certain ways or mumbled. Fair warning, they speak much faster in real life! No turtle button, haha! What I can tell is from when the site launched to now, the audio systems have been improved immensely and continue to be improved. Keep working at it!

July 3, 2014


Its not just you, the voices on the Spanish course are a bit iffy as well! I just try and think about what would fit in with the sentence rather just writing verbatim and this seems to help a bit.


Actually, filling in from what we know should be there is what we do in our native language, believe it or not. We really only HEAR a part of what is said - hence misunderstandings. That said, some of the pronunciation is just wrong, as we the past tense of read is pronounced like the present tense, or the verb live is pronounced like the adjective live in the English lessons. (I report it). I'm assuming there are some of the same errors in other languages, although they don't labor under the handicap of the English spelling system.

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