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Tinycards for DuoLingo's Latin Vocabulary


One thing I have noticed about the Tips and Notes on the Latin course is that it features a list of vocabulary section, something I have yet to see in any of the language courses I have studied. Because of this, I thought it made sense to create one using the often neglected site made by DuoLingo: Tinycards!

What I have simply done here is copied and pasted the chart into decks. If you notice an error or think it could be improved, just report the error and/or let me know how.

Here is the deck.

Happy Learning!

December 26, 2019



Even though I don't learn Latin, that is a really convenient thing to make. Have a lingot


Thanks a lot! I am thrilled. Excellent work. Some lingots for you.
¡Feliz año nuevo!


I follow you on tinycards now


Is it possible for Duo to add more verb conjugations in various tenses? Is it possible to develop a separate chart/card study program as well for Latin? Are there plans to develop such a system?


Kudos! Got a Lingot from me too ;-)

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