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  5. "Tha am bòrd ann an sgoil."

"Tha am bòrd ann an sgoil."

Translation:The table is in a school.

December 26, 2019



joannejoanne has explained the rule clearly above and it is also. explained in some of the course notes. Ann an means in a and anns an means in the. I think it may be explained in the 'countries' notes.


Why does this one say "in a school " when there is the definite article "an" in front of the word school? Shouldn't it be "in the school" ?


No, 'ann an' is in, 'anns an' is in the. Yes. We know. But that's the way it is. The an in ann an is not a definite article.


I have the same question as everyone else. Am bord (the table) YET an sgoil (a table) - is this either an incorrect translation or "an" in this instance doesn't translate as "the" and if that's the case I'd love to understand why? I see that people have pointed out that an "s" after "ann" makes it a definite article, that's great but why is that? Would anyone be able to provide a more detailed answer?


No. Because the word is ann an. Ann an means "in"

The etymology is that "an" historically meant both "the" and "in". So to say "in" and make it clearer, people started saying ann an.

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