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  5. "Mai kūʻai i kēia mea."

"Mai kūʻai i kēia mea."

Translation:Don't buy this one.

December 26, 2019



my answer "don't buy this item" is correct and should be added to the list of acceptable answers.


Is anything wrong with "'A'ole ku'ai i keia mea"?


Similar. ʻAʻole e kūʻai i kēia mea is more like you shouldn't buy this one. But ʻaʻole instead of mai is common in Niʻihau speech.


Would there have to be the "e" if you use 'a'ole? (Not sure why there isn't one with "mai" - is that just the way it's constructed?)


In standard Hawaiian, you should generally say "ʻaʻole e" (ʻAʻole ʻoe e kūʻai i kēia mea for You shouldn't buy this) but--as I mentioned in an earlier comment--Niʻihau speech generally drops the "e" in this context, and they seldom use "mai" for "don't." And yes, "mai" never takes "e" in standard Hawaiian (Mai hele ʻoe!). Niʻihaus would usually say something like, "ʻOe, ʻaʻale hele!" in casual conversation. But you're here to learn standard Hawaiian, not Niʻihau Hawaiian! :-)

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