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"A bheil deoch agad an-dràsta?"

Translation:Do you have a drink just now?

December 26, 2019



Why the an-dràsta?

A bheil deoch agad? "Do you have a drink?" seems to not need the extra embellishment.


Are you having a drink? should also be possible


Mmmm. I'm going to say no. Having a drink is a' gabhail deoch.


I'm going to agree with tj4234 here. It's not the same meaning.


Would "Did you have a drink just now?" be acceptable for this as well, or is there a more accurate way to say that?

"Do you have a drink just now?" feels a bit awkward.


"Do you have a drink just now?" = "Have you got a drink just now?"

It's referring to possession, as opposed to taking a drink of something. In other words, it's asking if you are currently in possession of a drink :)


Ok, I think maybe it was the "just now" that threw me off a bit. Tapadh Leibh :)

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