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Arabic Review (Finished all the way)

Finished the Arabic Course all the way. I don't know if this is the right place but I have a couple of suggestions, improvements, etc.

BLUF: Add content, make less boring, use pictures, pick a dialect, and stop focusing on the nouns.

1) Dialects: Unless you are just reading the news or you have access to a time machine, the Modern Standard Arabic that you teach is relatively useless. It is the equivalent of someone walking up to me and speaking Shakespearean English. There are some words that you have that cross over, however no one speaks it. I know this will be complicated but I am confident that you can get it done. (I also volunteer to help). Even if you did only Egyptian (the most amount of speakers, also most movies are done in Egyptian) or Levantine (probably the second highest amount of speakers, also it is a very clear dialect). I don't care what you pick but I would pick one. It could even be a separate tree or skill that you have to pay gems for.

Useful Source: https://www.npr.org/2014/06/08/320024783/disney-translates-frozen-into-a-more-formal-arabic

2) Creativity: It seemed to me that the five levels for each skill did not progress at all. I was used to doing the same 20 sentences for each skill over and over again until I finished. Not good.

3) Will somebody fix the sound???: Multiple sounds are not right throughout the course. I flagged every one, but if they don't change what's the point?

4) Too underdeveloped: Overall the course is way too short compared to French, English, or even Hebrew. I feel that the course is BORING. Make more content, use more pictures, stimulate our minds more.

5) Make users type more: Don't give the word bank as an option sometimes. I noticed when learning Hebrew, I learn better when I am forced to spell the words on the keyboard. I have noticed that Arabic ALWAYS gives you the option to use the word bank.

6) Stop concentrating on the stupid nouns: I know Duolingo can teach a Semitic language course (see Hebrew). The developers of that course were cleaver that they taught a lot of verbs early on. VERBS ARE THE BASIS OF THE LANGAUGE!!. In Semitic languages, once you learn the verbs, the nouns will follow.

December 26, 2019


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I am almost done the course and I have the same complaint that I can't communicate at all due to lack of verbs. : Hopefully the very first update will be super verb-heavy. Also, it would be helpful to me to have new vocab. come in sets. For example, I know "white", "brown", and "blue" from this course...but not any other colors. Learning things in groups helps me to remember them and is more functional for me, for sure.


Do you know of any other place I can learn Egyptian for free ?


For free is hard. Youtube is going to be your best bet. I think Egyptian is probably the easiest because a majority of the music, tv, and movies are done in that dialect. Take a look at the Netflix arabic movies and you'll see what I mean. Even most of the Disney movies are dubbed in Egyptian. I know there is a program called Mango Languages that offers most of the Arabic dialects for $7.99 per month. It is a completely different learning system than Duolingo (therefore I don't even consider it the same type of product). I have 18 hours logged on with Levantine Arabic and I love it.


Can you recommend any good playlist for beginner English speakers. Who want to learn Egyptian Arabic on YouTube.


Mango Languages is also free if you have library membership in certain North American cities. I use Duolingo and Mango Languages both for free.


@Hozaifaowa, yes, I know another place you can learn Egyptian for free. Language Transfer has an audio course in Egyptian Arabic. It is only audio however. I have used it for another one of its languages and it made me conversant very quickly. I was able to travel to another country and speak about basic things after only doing about half of the Language Transfer course I listened to. Give it a try and tell me what you think of it.


I must agree with the difficulty of consecutive levels... indeed it did not seem to vary at all! The only thing that was different only in some of the skills is that on the higher levels there were some questions where you had to use the keyboard instead of choosing from the words they give you.


I actually did not share that experience. It gave me the option of using the word bank every time.


Tbh it's the sounds that bother me. One thing I'm confused with is the letter Jeem-ج like at one time it's pronounced "jh" then another time it's pronounced "j" like is it "jh" or "j" or does the sound vary depending on different words or subjects.

[deactivated user]

    It's just a regional difference.

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