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Can Turkishs help me? What does 'E yuh ama' means? Also I hear the word 'yahu' a lot too.

I'm tryin to speak with native Turkish speakers to learn Turkish better but even though I'm good at Turkish vocab there are so many words that is not translated completely in dictionaries. For example; yuh, yahu or hani. They actually seems like they are Asian words. What do they mean? Turkish people use those 3 words everywhere?

December 26, 2019

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yahu: usually are discontent or disagree but do not want to say directly that i don't agree with you. if you sent me full sentences I can tell you more about it. hani: is comparison with the past or something has been agreed before or reminding of something hani su vardi ya, hani sen bana baska birsey demistin etc. (you told me before somethingelse.)


thank you so much for your explanation!


i found your questions very interesting, made me think those I have never thought was difficult to explain ;)


yuh = too many (astonishment) yahu = request "Yapmayın yahu!" hani = where


YUH ! In Turkish, it is the word for insult against someone. Tells of discontent and anger/ like Boo!


hey! I'm an English learner and I want to speak with someone to improve my english. I'm Turkish. can we talk each others?


yes how can we go about it?


@merve06m your intention is to get more follower not practicing english?


"Yahu" is an exclamation word. It has a meaning to draw attention to, but it is light. Usually used in everyday language. This word is not used in professional business life. "Yahu" is often used among people with intimate relationships. They are practically similar to English "Oh".

Sample; Oh, come on. Yahu, gelsene.


nothing to do with intimacy, just informal. it can be use between people that they don't even know each other:)

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