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"A bheil thu ann am Barraigh, Eòghainn?"

Translation:Are you in Barra, Ewan?

December 26, 2019



I think Euan should be accepted??


Should he not be (on an island) and in a town or city?


Apparently in Gàidhlig someone is in [name of the island] rather than on it.

Choice of which prepositions (words that describe the location/relation of something compared to something else, so in, on , for, at, before) are to be used often change between different languages, probably at least in part because different cultures relate to objects and people and etc differently to one another!


Why is Owen not accepted? I have always been taught that Eòghann means Owen and Owen is listed in the hints as correct but I keep getting marked wrong.


I wrote my answer exactly as above in Gaelic, but I did not put the stràc over the 'o' in Eòghainn, and it marked me wrong. But I can leave out the stràc in other names and I can get the answer right. Why is it now incorrect?


You possibly either had another error that you didn't notice or, the one I do ALL the time, had typed in Gaelic when you were asked for English...

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