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"I am not from Edinburgh. I am from Glasgow."

Translation:Chan eil mi à Dùn Èideann. Tha mi à Glaschu.

December 26, 2019



Typed correct answer and it said it was wrong?


This is a hard one so many things to type


Its not accepting Dun without the accent. Do I really have to install a Gaelic keyboard?


On most phones, you simply need to hold down the letter and it'll give you multiple options. If you're on a computer, I can't help. Sorry.


Now and again I've gotten a missing accent or oddball character by finding it online and pasting it in.


On a computer if you install a gaelic keyboard you can press(you shouldn't need to hold it down) the grave accent key(on windows it is right under the escape key) and then press a vowel and it will type à, è, ì, ò and ù. If you don't have a gaelic keyboard then there should be little buttons under the box that you type in. I recommend getting a gaelic keyboard because you don't need to take your hands off the keys


Is it Ghlaschu or Glaschu?


I also had correct answer and it says it's wrong


Typed a correct answer. Why am I wrong?


Yes i was marked wrong too. Are they cracking down on the accents now?


why was that marked wrong?


typed right answer keeps says it is wrong and takes the hearts no accents ho install

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