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  5. "Tha siùcar sgoinneil."

"Tha siùcar sgoinneil."

Translation:Sugar is brilliant.

December 26, 2019



So "brilliant" here is the British slang term, I take it. Does it also mean highly intelligent and its original physical meaning, brightly shining?


Disclaimer: I'm a learner not a native speaker - but as far as I can see it has no 'brightly shining' meaning. The original sense of the word sgoinneil was neat, tidy or well made but it has passed into slang to mean very good, or one dictionary says 'cool'. I've seen sgoinneal fhein translated as 'smashing' which is another British slang term for excellent. So it's just a colloquial way to say something is good


And what does it mean? Is the sugar so good that we call it brilliant? Or is it brilliant as in very shiny?


Brilliant means very good, we use it the same way you would use excellent


It's an exercise, people!

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