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  5. "See you later, Ruairidh."

"See you later, Ruairidh."

Translation:Chì mi a-rithist thu, a Ruairidh.

December 26, 2019



Given the literal translations elsewhere should this not be I'll see you 'again'


It's a bit of a package this one, such a commonly used idiom that the literal 'again' isn't thought of. After all, in order to see someone at a later point in time, you will indeed see them again.


The translation you give is "a-rithist" - that is again not later "nas anmoch" is later - surely? Otherwise perhaps re-phrase the question as "See you again, Ruairidh"


This should surely be chi mi fhathast thu, Ruairidh or See you again for a-rithist?

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