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Duolingo not working - infinite login loop

I am no longer able to do any lessons. Each time I select one, I am prompted to log in again. I log in, select the lesson, and am usually kicked out and back to welcome screen to log in again. Exception is if I select a placement test; this takes me to the store where, when I try to redeem lingots to take the test, I am kicked back to the welcome screen to log in again. This has been going on for over a week. Anyone else having this problem?

July 3, 2014



Yes, but the problem just started today for me. I have the exact same problem described above, and clearing cookies/cache has no effect. It's definitely a bug on the Duolingo side.


Yes, I am having the same problems. I've cleared the cache, but it had no effect. Is this discussion forum the only way to communicate the problem to Duolingo?


Try clearing your cookies/cache.



Google Chrome


i can't use the app with my iphone.. the site seems to work just fine


Thank you all for your suggestions. Aside from this discussion, I also logged the issue with Duolingo using the "contact" button in the help section. They said they were working on it. In the meantime, I cleared my cookies and cache and changed my Safari setting for blocking cookies to "Never". Today Duolingo is working fine so one of those changes did the trick.


I was having the same problem. Contacted duoLingo twice and no reply. I downloaded Firefox and no problems with it (was using safari before)


Can't fihd page to log in

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