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Real world practice question

I just tried the Real World Practice button for the first time. I was taken to an article, and I made a few edits. I noticed the progress bar at the top tracking my edits and points.

Do I have to fill the bar to receive the experience points I have accumulated? I did not see any way to finish my session without simply navigating to another part of the site.

July 3, 2014



No, you get the points as soon as you submit the sentence translation. You do get a bonus if you either translate or rate every sentence in the document, though.


Hi cardenas.9,

It seems to be a sentence bar recording how many sentences you have translated in the article according to this screenshot:


And no, you don't have to fill the bar to receive experience points. You receive your experience points immediately.

And if you're looking for more Real World Practice, go to the Immersion section on the top of your page :)

Hope it helps!

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