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  5. "Tha dhà agam."

"Tha dhà agam."

Translation:I have two.

December 26, 2019



This sounds like [ha gaa akam]. Is that right? There are some interesting consonant mutations going on in Scottish Gaelic.


Yes. There are two different things going on. The first change that happens to d in some circumstances (that we call lenition), to the closely related sound /ð/ (as in there in English), is not a big deal in the sense that the sound change is not that big. This is still found as the lenited d in Cornish and (spelt dd) in Welsh.

But a second thing happened in Gaelic and Irish. This sound changed, bizarrely and for an unknown reason, to /ɣ/, just like a Gaelic gh. This has no equivalent in English. The nearest is g (as you say) but you have to let the air leak out in the same way that a th is a d or t with the air leaking out.


Why is two lenited in this case?


No one knows. It just is when not followed by a noun. It's the opposite in Irish.

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