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Why is Português a beautiful language in your opinion?

To give context to my question. I am a native English and Gaeilge (Irish) speaker. I became near fluent in French. I studied for one year in University: Francais, Italiano, Espanol and English.

Years later when I make friends from Brasil I'm inspired to start learning Português. I'm really surprised at how well it sounds and it's eloquence. The songs are beautiful and people are a delight to listen to.

December 26, 2019



Well, according to Miguel de Cervantes - author of Dom Quixote - portuguese is a very melodic language, like a "sea ​​sound". And also Miguel de Unamuno described portuguese as "spanish with sugar". In fact, we can say that the proper pronunciation of syllables makes Portuguese a good language to hear, differently compared to Spanish or French. All the languages have its own particularity, but what makes the portuguese so good is its own humble complexity that affirms the necessity of speak the necessary words with great emotion and huge intensity. Forgive me if i made an ortographic mistake.


"Pálida à luz da lâmpada sombria,

Sobre o leito de flores reclinada,

Como a lua por noite embalsamada,

Entre as nuvens do amor ela dormia!

Era a virgem do mar, na escuma fria

Pela maré das águas embalada!

Era um anjo entre nuvens d'alvorada

Que em sonhos se banhava e se esquecia!

Era a mais bela! Seio palpitando...

Negros olhos as pálpebras abrindo...

Formas nuas no leito resvalando...

Não te rias de mim, meu anjo lindo!

Por ti - as noites eu velei chorando,

Por ti - nos sonhos morrerei sorrindo!"


If you learnt French, I think you can learn Portuguese as well.

Brazilian language sounds are really nice to hear, because we use 64 IPA sounds to speak and we use a lot of vowel sounds (39 vowels with diphtongs). Compared to English that has only 52 IPA sounds (24 vowels with diphtongs), the melody is better because English uses consonant sounds in almost every word.


Sounds like an odd mix of French and Spanish to me. I really like the sound of it.


i found it beautful because i speak it


Like Spanish with a sort of relaxed haziness to it.


I agree with you i am from Greece ,it is my seventh language and i am exciting

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