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"The intermediate school is upland of the high school."

Translation:Aia ke kula waena ma uka o ke kula kiʻekiʻe.

December 27, 2019



Why is "i uka" wrong, when in earlier exercises, it has been much more common that ma uka or mauka?


From what I've read, my understanding is that i is more closely associated with motion, while ma would be more common for stationary objects; since the school is clearly not moving, I think ma is preferred.


Thank you. I will try to recall kau a’o. Others mana’o suggest there is debate about this in the various dictionaries. If I recall.


I appreciate your insight.


Anyone else unable to see the question because thw answers cover it? And even if you scroll it's still covered?


Wow, I am seeing answers that don't match the box choices given; I have the same answer as stated above, and it didn't count it incorrect but as a "typo." It showed the word "mo," which is not even in a box choice nor in the answer given above! I will report it, but the report choices probably don't fit the problem, which is why I stated it here.

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