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Amazing News!

Guess what....

I just completed the Latin course!!! All 22 skills have been maxed out!!!!

Next up.. Navajo!

And after that... maybe Swahili? I'm still not sure, but I think that'll be my next after Navajo.

Also, I have 61 days left until I hit a year streak!

December 27, 2019



Congratulations! And good job :)


Tibi gratulor quod tanta de lingua latina didicisti. Optime fecisti, AndrewFish!


Gongratulations! Do you understand the Latin speech, how easily?


I tried to start the Navajo tree, but the typing/spelling is crazy! The words wouldn't stick to type answers back, even if you could remember the sounds.


Bene factum - gratulationes!


Swahili is kind of fun, and not too difficult. Navajo? Well, I kind of gave up on that. With no grammar notes, no sound beyond the first two skills and the complicated spelling, it just doesn't work for me.


Yay! Good for you! My goal is at least to finish the tree. But if I get more ambitious then I'll try to max out the skills as well. :)

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